The highest quality of the production of sticks

Discover the production process of our sticks, from timber inspection to triple internal quality control.

The offered stick sizes range from 2 mm to 10 mm in diameter and from 5 cm to 100 cm in length. Continuous quality control at every production stage– high standard of workmanship. Use of professional and patented woodworking machines. The skewers have a perfectly smooth surface, without splinters or burrs. Skewers and popsicle sticks are completely neutral and do not change the taste of the dishes. They are characterized by high strength and are a fully safe product. Designed to be used in both machine and manual production. Adjustable matrices and sharpening angles for the respective application. Individually determined lengths and diameters of the sticks, their number and the shape of the ends.

Timber inspection

The plant is supplied with beech and birch timber and longwood, from regular suppliers, meeting certain quality requirements for raw materials.

Raw material selection

After careful selection, the raw material is intended for further production.


Longwood is cut to the required size.


The raw material is dried at a temperature of up to 70°C until a moisture content of 10-14% is obtained.

Milling of sticks

It is performed with the use of special machines,
which ensure the high quality of the final product. .

Sticks packaging

The sticks are packed in boxes.
The amount in a box depends on its size.

Internal quality control

The sticks are subjected to triple quality
inspection during the production process.

Storage of sticks

The sticks are stored on pallets in the warehouse with suitable humidity and temperature of between 0 and 25°C.

Delivery of sticks

We deliver the sticks by our own means of transport,
or they are collected by our customers.