Skewers from producer

We specialize in the production of skewers.
Odourless, tasteless, without splinters.

Skewers for production and catering facilities

Our company offers various models of skewers of any shape and with any ends.
We offer production within the following range:
  • 2 to 10 mm in diameter and 5 to 100 cm in length.
All the skewers produced by us are distinguished by their durability and quality. They are characterized by high flexibility, strength and, most of all, a perfectly smooth surface.

Using our skewers you can be sure that:
  • they are intended to be brought into contact with food,
  • they do not react with food ingredients,
  • they are manufactured in accordance with high standards and stored in the rooms with appropriate temperature and humidity.
For more information, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

We focus on the development

We focus on the constant development of technology, which makes us one of the leading European companies dealing with the production of sticks. Economic and ecological production has been recognised by the state institutions. In 2016, we have received a Grant from the Swiss Development and Cooperation Fund, and our many years of innovative work in the production of sticks was appreciated internationally.

When you order sticks manufactured in our plant, you can be sure that:
  • We will ensure individual approach to your order,
  • We will use our many years of experience to carry it out,
  • We will take care of the highest quality of workmanship,
  • We will pay attention to detail,
  • We will process your order on time and in accordance with any prior arrangements.
We respect your time. We help you make the right decisions, and our assistance is not limited to answering the questions you have raised. We advise in the selection of appropriate product parameters, we consult each order in detail. At customer’s request, we can also deliver the goods to the indicated address or send them by post.

Tailor-made solutions

We adjust the matrix and sharpening angles to the specific task. It is the customer who determines the length and diameter of the sticks, their number and the shape of the tip. We are constantly adding new models
to the available set of patterns. The customer may also choose its own design. We produce sticks not only for the catering and food industries. We also manufacture high quality products for cosmetic, medical and surgical practices, as well as laboratories.

We hold HACCP, FSC and also PZH certification. In practice, this means that in the production process we follow strictly defined rules and respect the standards in the field of ecology and safety of products. The FSC certificate confirms that we use wood from proven sources in our plant. In doing so, we contribute to the rational management of forest resources. The HACCP certificate and the PZH certificate guarantee that our products are completely safe for health.